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Adidas Claim Freedom

International digital activation

Adidas Outdoor has selected Ludwig agency for the conception and production of a global activation campaign. As a partner of Ludwig, Werkstatt collaborated to the digital conception and production of the campaign.

Adidas Outdoor
WebGL / Three.js
Custom GLSL shaders
June 2016

Become the next
Adidas Outdoor

In a context of intense growth of the global activity, Adidas Outdoor was looking to address and engage the community of extreme sports through an impacting digital activation. This is how Claim Freedom was born - a contest to identify the 7 most creative and most inspiring
extreme sports projects in the world, which would then be sponsored by Adidas and followed by the users.

7 original projects
7 exceptional athletes

Rock-climbing in Russia, kayaking in the US, trailing in South Africa, etc. : 7 athletes won the chance to realize their projects, share them on brand’s social networks and become an inspiration for the adventurers around the world. At the end of the operation, one athlete would become the Adidas Outdoor brand ambassador for a year.

& share

With such a prize, we could have limited ourselves to produce a classical contest micro-site; we did the exact opposite.
Percussive video loop in intro, 3D world map in WebGL to localize the selected projects, Youtube kiosk to feature the encouraging messages of the Adidas Outdoor family: we were dedicated to create an
inspiring and dynamic, website, to push for users’ contributions.

The website generated

project pages

Thanks to real-time connections between the pages and the athlete
the users could follow the progress of each project day-by-day. Thanks to the interfacing with Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, Youtube and Facebook, hose pages were also centralizing all the social content produced for Claim Freedom, to illustrate the implication of Adidas in the Outdoor Sports category and the credibility of their product offering.

A solid content

For this activation, Werkstatt was in charge of supervising the overall photo and video content production on the athletes and on their performances. We’ve also contributed to the retouching and
optimization of the content. That allowed us to be mentioned in the credits of the documentary produced for the operation and that is currently being presented in multiple documentary festivals.

More than 200 credible

As this campaign was supporting the launch of the 2016-2017 Outdoor collection, we also designed and produced the landing pages of the
ecommerce website, and all the product pages, as well as all the communication assets required for this collection. The result: a
two-figure growth rate in sales.

6 nationalities

14 of sales during
the campaign

7 selected projects