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Orchestre national
de lorraine


We have been advising the “Orchestre National de Lorraine” since 2012 in the re-launch of its brand identity and the creation of its communication assets.

Orchestre national
de Lorraine
June 2013

of inspiration

In order to provide a proper identity to the Orchestre National
de Lorraine and re-affirm its status of modern orchestra, we’ve conceived an audacious graphical charter that is immediately identifying, thanks to the use of a bright-red color and of a
well-structured composition grid. The 12 columns of the grid, inspired from the 12 semi-tone that compose an octave, allow to hierarchize the information and to guarantee coherence between all communications of the orchestra.

A dynamic identity for
an orchestra that shines
in its region, in France
but also abroad

Jérémy Schneider

We’ve decided to work in collaboration with the popular illustrator
Jérémy Schneider. Born in Metz in the eastern part of France, passionate by the history of art, Jeremy signs those expressive illustrations, with an absolute accuracy, and that illustrate perfectly the most remarkable elements of each pieces of art. Using
a pencil and a black stone, he finalized our work on the identity to make it elegant and percussive.

Fascinating illustrations
and meticulous realism

On top of the work done on the identity, we’ve
advised the brand on the creation and production of all of its
communication assets: the catalogue that presents the two
seasons but also the print campaigns for the programming of the
orchestra, all the corporate assets of the “Maison de l’orchestre” or the videos to present the offer.
Finally and specifically, we have fully redesigned the
corporate website and made it accessible across all devices.

An orchestra
in action

A 360° approach on
all communications of
the institution