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Roger Dubuis

International digital platform

Under the supervision of Alvaro Maggini, Creative Director of Roger Dubuis, Werkstatt has designed and developed the new international digital platform of this avant-garde manufacture.

Roger Dubuis
September 2015

The only 100%
Poinçon de Genève Manufacture

It is a unique situation in the world of high quality
watchmaking: the Roger Dubuis manufacture receives a certification for their whole production by the prestigious
« Poinçon de Genève ».
It is a proof of excellence that guarantees not only the movement, but the entirety of the watch. It is probably this
common exigency that led us to work for Roger Dubuis.

One obsession:
absolute quality

A website for a
extravagant brand

For the Richemont group that owns the brand, Roger Dubuis is synonym of extravagance and rebellion. It is the symbol of an innovation born from the telescoping of tradition and an irreverent
creativity. Our first task was to create a new digital identity for the brand, that would be loyal to the brand DNA and scalable for every digital touch point. Playing with the chiaroscuro and the shades of grey, it keeps the brand mystery and desirability.

From this new graphical basis, we’ve designed a website with
a chic and evocative atmosphere. It intermingles subtle animation and indiscreet motion shock, denuding all the genius of Roger Dubuis
watches. The functional aspect has not been left apart, as our website needed to match the needs of information on the deployed technologies.

An ode to
luxury watchmaking

The shape
and the function

For this international digital platform, we’ve worked the Roger Dubuis way, by not developing the function without the shape, or the shape without the function. We’ve led both processes in parallel, to guarantee the esthetic of the website and an
optimized performance. Designed in responsive, available in
multi-languages, administrable, it features the entirety of the manufacture’s production, classified in collections and associated movements.

Werkstatt also designed and produced 2 additional
modules: “My Selection” that allows the user to save his watch and boutique selection and to book an appointment to try them; an event module, for the presentation of the Velvet woman collection for the SIHH, executed in WebGL to bring a technological added value and to express the various facets of femininity through mirrors and reflections.

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