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Collective[i] has chosen Werkstatt to design and produce a website to detail the philosophy of the brand, its technological know-how and its service offering.

WebGL / Three.js,
September 2016

A new challenge
for Heidi Messer

Collective[i] is the latest project from Heidi Messer, a famous
star-up entrepreneur graduated in Harvard and who founded Linkshare in 1996, the first company specialized in web affiliation, that she sold to Rakuten in 2005 for $425 million. She’s given herself a new challenge with Collective[i], by positioning her new product offering in the area of big data and the operational applications that this technology can have for companies.

The big data
in the revolution
service of business

Collective[i] has defined a model of purchase behavior in the B2B
sector using data, artificial intelligence and predictive technologies with the ambition to help marketing and sales professionals to generate more revenues.
Data is collected inside the company and put into perspective with external data from the same sector, thanks to the partnerships Collective[i] has with the biggest data centers in the world.

The future of marketing
and sales

As a result, companies have the possibility to compare their marketing, sales and management performances to the competition, to the sector KPIs or to more global KPIs. This scientific management allows a major competitive advantage.

A complex product,
a clear presentation

As a revolutionary product, Collective[i] is nonetheless a complex solution for neophytes. To make this complexity accessible to the larger crowd, we’ve conceived a website based on a 4-chapter
storytelling. This pedagogical approach leads the user to discover Collective[i]’s technology and product offering progressively. Thanks to this mechanic, we illustrate and highlight the different benefits of the solution.

This design, particularly innovative and original, is articulated around an “organic wall” from which emerges different shapes and WebGL interactions that come to support and highlight the message. This clear and attractive website turns a revolutionary technology into something simple.

Intelligence is winning