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International digital platform

While Vispring was working in the redesign of their whole visual identity with LTPA, they’ve consulted Werkstatt for the design and production of a new website, more elegant and more functional, to highlight their collections and their incredible know-how.

September 2015

The best beds
in the world

Founded in London in 1901, Vispring is considered as the world
leader in terms of luxury bedding. Official mattress supplier for the Queen and the Royal family, inventor of the pocket spring mattresses, Vispring products are artisanal, handcrafted and built exclusively with natural products. Every mattress produced by Vispring is tailored-made, depending on the consumer’s morphology and preferences. A Vispring bed is always a unique piece.

More than beds,
a life philosophy!

A global showcase

Because Werkstatt and Vispring share the same values and
standards, we knew that the redesign of their .com shouldn’t be just the best product catalogue possible. We also needed to sublimate the
heritage and the vision of the brand as well as their incredible

Our work on the UX part and on the Artistic Direction was guided by
an ambition of elegance coupled with sobriety that defines Vispring philosophy. Refined blurs, clear tonalities enhanced with a pop yellow and soft animation were contributing to this particularly delicate

Our digital platform is tailored-made. It magnifies the Vispring
handcraft methodology such as conception and spring selection, or the hand-made lateral stitching side seams. It details the large
scale of materials used, the linings in Shetland wool up until the most precious silk and cashmere used for the ticks. This level of details and the omnipresent materials macros fully contribute to this storytelling
of excellence that we were expecting for Vispring.

A showcase to sublime
the expertise of an exceptional
mattress manufacturer

the world

Launched in 4 different markets, with 8 available languages, our website became the new world showcase for Vispring. Produced in full-responsive design and administrable, the platform was developed to meet the company’s actual and future growth, no matter the markets the brand intends to conquer.

27 of traffic with
no additional referencing