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Football Inclusive

identity, interface and global communication

As part of the project from the beginning, Werkstatt has designed the identity, the brand territory as well as all the digital interfacing and communications of Football Inclusive.

Football Inclusive
February 2017

The biggest
database dedicated
to football

Have you ever look for specific information during a football night with your friends? How many goals did Cristiano score during Clasicos? How many titles won by Manchester City? What percentage of teams went on to score in the last 5 minutes of a Champions League game?

Every day, football fans ask themselves questions on which they can’t find better than partial answers on the web, dispersed on multiple websites and that are often lacking consistency. To answer this gap, we created Football Inclusive, the Wikipedia of
football, the reference in stats.
As part of the project since the beginning, Werkstatt mission was clear: design the ultimate tool for football fans, thanks to an exceptional esthetic, interface and user experience. We transcend
raw data and turn all information into an opportunity to dive further into the history of football.

The reference of
football data

By the fans,
for the fans

The ambition of Football Inclusive is to be more than an encyclopedia: it is more than anything a collaborative project. The idea is to give the power to the fans by making them participate actively to the enrichment of the database. Every fan can contribute by filling in match reports, which feed in data of the clubs, players and competitions and create new spaces of communication and sharing between users. Everyone can add text, photos, videos etc.

Football fans are the ones
who write the historyof football

Every piece of information is moderated before going online thanks to a team of 300 active contributors. The accuracy of the website is also guaranteed by a gaming mechanic and a highlight of the fans: every valid contribution gives points to the fan who can then become the best contributor for his favorite player or team.

Redefining the esthetic
of football data

If data is at the core of the Football Inclusive project, we still wanted to create an elegant and user-friendly environment, that would make people want to consult, enrich and share information.
The research is extremely intuitive: a simple search bar with multiple criteria, present at every step, allows the user to define his criteria and navigate from games to teams, from players to competitions, infinitely.

The most visual,
comprehensible and interactive
information possible

We’ve worked with a lot of attention on the game reports
and players sheet, as they were at the core of the experience and give meaning and storytelling to raw data.
Beyond the brand identity and interfaces, we also developed all the Football Inclusive media toolkit, from the first fundraising to the crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.