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INRA 70 years

Event website and installation


INRA has chosen Werkstatt to design and produce an events website to present and celebrate the 70 years of history of the institute.

WebGL / Three.js
February 2016

An innovative
journey in time

Disclosed on touchscreens during a premiere at the 2016
Paris Agricultural Show, this event website produced by
Werkstatt for INRA had to celebrate the institute’s 70 years
anniversary through an enthusiastic interactive journey in history. This anniversary website, with a strong added value in terms of design and user experience, is presenting the 70 years of science, research and outstanding discoveries, from the initial
« Feeding France » program in 1946 to the more contemporary
« Feeding the World in 2050 » challenge.

An exciting

the timeline

We voluntarily kept apart the classical flat and horizontal timeline. Our real challenge was to reinvent the timeline, but without being too complex in terms of navigation. The INRA original logo was executed like a DNA sequencing: we started from this basis and worked on executing this DNA in its biological double helix shape in 3D.

A digital DNA stand

Every rectangular block composing the DNA stand corresponds to a milestone of the INRA history and we made it very simple to
zoom in or move in the shape to discover more details on those milestones, in a chronological order.

An immersive
WebGL experience

INRA’s scope was simple: this interactive historical journey needed to be adapted for every device with the same quality, especially because the reveal was happening on touchscreens during the Paris
Agricultural Show.

This website was awarded
8 times internationally

WebGL quickly appear as the technological solution to tick all the boxes: a possibility to create a real 3D immersive experience and a compatibility with a large amount of platforms and browsers. The user experience remains simple and extremely fluid , whether you’re on a computer with a mouse or on a mobile or tablet with your fingers.

3 Ministers

100 of traffic on the INRA website

1 President of the French Republic

25 000 visitors during the week of the launch
without any referencing plan

3 000 users on the installation