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Engaging Experience


The “Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale “ (Health foundation) has been fighting for many years against the Alzheimer disease. In order to help them, we’ve designed the first participative platform dedicated to memories.

Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale
WebGL / Three.js
Custom GLSL shaders
June 2014


This website, produced in collaboration with CLM BBDO,
an advertising agency in Paris, is a metaphor of the Alzheimer
We started from the main symptom of the disease, a progressive destruction of neurons, and designed a website that is
self-degenerative and requires for new pictures to be posted to avoid its full destruction. Every user could therefore become an actor of the fight against the disease by sharing his nicest memories.

Sharing memories so
they can never be forgotten

A mystical

To suggest a contemplative walk through ethereal memories, we’ve designed a gloomy and moving environment. Over 10,000 testimonials that have been gathered on the platform float in an
ocean of memories composed by over 360,000 particles in which 100,000 are calculated and rendered in real-time on the website.

A universe with a
mystical and contemplative aesthetic

A true
technical challenge

On the contrary to most of the current three.js projects,
I-Remember doesn’t use 3D-modelling. Most of the effects have been designed by creating several GLSL shaders in order to get a perfectly fluid and organic rendering.

We focused mainly on the treatment of the particles as they were the main graphical element of the website. To add warmth to this 3D-inspired environment that are usually quite cold, we’ve worked on a post-processing methodology (RGBShift, Tiltshift, Noise, Color adjustment, etc).

We’ve also collaborated with the Xerox Research center
in Grenoble and used their “linguistic web service” to tag and index all the memories automatically. Keywords are identified on every post while uploaded to allow users to find easily and rapidly every memory on the platform.

1 500 000 of donations collected for research against
the Alzheimer disease

20 000 memories posted with messages following the sentence «I remember…»