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Citroën Origins

Digital experience and installation


Citroën has chosen Mullen Lowe One, supported by Werkstatt, to design and produce a digital museum to celebrate the most iconic car models of the brand’s history.

MullenLowe One
WebGL / Three.js / Pixi.js
June 2016

A century of
legendary cars

Our roadmap was clear: we needed to valorize the major contribution of Citroën to the automobile industry and celebrate its eternal originality through a website with an
innovative navigation. To do so, we’ve imagined a virtual discovery of the 49 most iconic models of cars of the brand. From the 10 HP Type A in 1919 to the C3 3rd generation, including the competition models as well as the concept cars, every vehicle is featured with external and internal panoramic

To guarantee a rendering that would match the brand’s expectations, we’ve re-shooted all of the cockpits in HD 360°, to transcribe accurately the colors, the materials and the textures: everything that defines the Citroën experience for the real fans. To go further into the details, we’ve recorded or rebuilt the iconic sounds of each model: the “Deuche” hand brake, the BX horn or the starter of the Xsara WRC. Finally, the first sketch drawings, the detailed data sheet, brochures and press articles complete this exhaustive journey in the intimacy of each model.

The reference
for the community of
Citroën’s fans

A new way
to visit online

To match the brand’s spirit “Be different - Feel good”, we made the website as simple and playful as possible. It takes the shape of a graphical and intuitive timeline, with a navigation that is adapted to
every device.

Terribly simple,
terribly complete

To discover the details of each model, we worked on simple and limited in number interactions. Taps, swipes, radio buttons and expand menus allow the user to change the views, the contents and the information featured without penalizing the fluidity of the reading experience and its understanding. The platform was designed
to welcome visitors from all age categories, from every culture and from all “digital maturity” levels.

A forward-looking

Even though Citroën honors its past, it is nevertheless a
forward-looking brand. Our website matches its philosophy, by using the most recent technologies. The main interface was developed in pixi.js to maintain an optimal fluidity, even with more than 50 vehicles featured simultaneously.

The website is fully responsive and is accessible from
every device. Available in 5 languages from the day it was launched, it is administrable via a Drupal multilingual and
multi-domain back-office. It is evolutive and can be completed at any time by the Citroën Heritage teams. We’ve also adapted this experience in an application to be featured at the Paris Motor Show 2016 on tactile and interactive screens, as well as in the Citroën showrooms, in an offline mode.

20 A project adapted for more than 20 countries