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The fusion between two iconic brands like Nespresso and Kitchenaid, who are launching a premium coffee machine, requires an iconic website.

Lowe Strateus
Pixi.js 2D webgGL
Canvas fallback
October 2014

2 love brands

The website was designed with one objective in mind: sublimate the collaboration between Kitchenaid, well-known for its home appliance products and Nespresso, the brand that invented coffee in capsule. A collaboration from which a premium espresso machine was born, with superlative technical specs
and tasteful design.

Bringing to life
an iconic product

Luxury, Calm
and Pleasure

The design of the website needed to fit the image
of the presented product.

Therefore, we’ve conceived a clean and premium graphical, environment that illustrates the promise of the brand: « when design meets taste ».
Subtle shades of grey, an elegant way to use the blur thanks to minor focal changes, light effects that come to underline the shapes of the Kitchenaid coffee machine: everything is gathered to charm the
consumer towards the product.

Small details that make
a world’s difference

To present in the most delicate way possible the range of the Kitchenaid technical specs, we’ve decided to work on a one-pager format, on which you can navigate using a scroll-down, punctuated by simple interactions. You can for example turn around the product in a 360 view, change the color or zoom on the most precious details. All of this to have the most optimal presentation
of the object.

Responsive design
and administration

As usual, we worked on a fully-responsive design, to have an optimal experience for users throughout all devices.
Compatible from IE7, the website is also administrable through a dedicated multilingual back-office, that allows to easily activate or disable machines, capsules or chapters of the website. This helped to deploy the website in 10 different markets and languages.
Beauty and intelligence.

The website needed to be accessible across al devices.
We therefore created a simplified mobile-responsive
version that keeps the original elegance of the website.