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We’ve designed and produced the first comparising website for Seat and all of its range.

Agence One
March 2014

complete comparator

Thanks to seatsecompare.com, Seat became the first automative brand that allows to objectively compare all the cars of its range to the 5 best-selling cars in their categories.
Argus Magazine helped defining all the criteria that you have by default but the user could also review the most popular
criteria when the car was purchased. A comprehensive content source that corresponds to the need of information that is required at every car-purchase.

A fantastic leverage to
talk about a challenging

Tables but
with style

In collaboration with One agency, we had the ambition to have a
modern and dynamic format for this website, that underlines the
– latine – brand proposal and the design of Seat products.
As we needed to present in a simple way something that is complicated, our thinking was guided by ergonomic considerations: the website was conceived in responsive design to allow an optimal presentation of the data no matter the device, and we particularly focused on the design of the call-to-action buttons as well as on the readability of the typos.

A mine
of data

Our comparator allows to aggregate and treat several gigabytes of raw data, taken from the JATO Dynamics databases and the AAA DATA Institute. All of this data can be sorted by multiple criteria: price, power, gearbox, fuel or fuel consumption.
The website also allows to have access to articles and tests from 6 major automotive magazines as well as asking questions directly to Seat. Finally, the user can book a test directly from the website.

Seatsecompare.com was awarded
a Top Com Gold in 2014 in the
“dedicated website” category.

3 000 000 of unique visitors